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Search issues in the Android app.

We are aware of the search issues plaguing the Android app. For now we are asking you to use our mobile website instead. Everything you were able to do in the app, you can do with the website, along with the ability to search TV shows and create and manage personal lists. If you continue to experience issues with the mobile website, please email us at [email protected]. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

Why haven't I received a notification in a while?

Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with your profile settings or your emails. We've been in the process of improving our notification system and we hope to have a fix out very soon.

General Questions

What is GoWatchIt?

GoWatchIt is your comprehensive guide to finding movies and TV shows on the platforms you care about – in theaters, on digital and streaming HD, on TV, or on Blu-ray/DVD. Use GoWatchIt to discover, consume, or bookmark everything you want to watch! Search for a movie and see where it's currently available. If you are not ready to watch the movie – or, if the movie is yet available on a service you prefer – add the movie to your GoWatchIt queue and you will receive a notification from us as soon as it's ready to watch on that service.

Why should I sign up for a GoWatchIt account?

Signing up for GoWatchIt will let you manage a personal queue of movies and shows. You can save shows and movies to your queue to receive notifications as soon as they are available to watch on your preferred service(s). You can also manage a personal "watched list" and build your own fun lists of movies and shows to share with your friends.

Do I need to sign up with Facebook, or can I just use my email address?

You have the option to either sign up with a regular email address or link your GoWatchIt account with Facebook. Connecting with Facebook gives you a quick and easy log-in. Please note that we respect your privacy and will never publish information to your Facebook Timeline without your permission.

Is there a charge or a fee to use GoWatchIt?

No, we do not charge any fees for you to use GoWatchIt. It's completely free to sign up and manage your queue. You can also freely browse our site or apps without having to sign up or log in. At no point do we ask for your credit card or any other form of payment. When you are ready to watch a movie or TV show, you will be taken directly into that service's point-of-sale page where purchases or rentals occur.

What services do you track?

We only index leading and legal services. A complete list of all the services we track is available in your Profile page. There, you can also select which services you would like to receive notifications. Adding new services is an ongoing process, so if your favorite or preferred service is not currently listed, please continue to check back with us as we might be including it soon.

My Account

How can I delete my account?

There is no mechanism by which a user can delete their account. For now, please contact us at [email protected] to request account deletion. Please also tell us why you wish to have your account removed; if it's related to a problem you're experiencing we'd like to help fix it for you and everyone.

Should I set a password, even if I normally log in with my Facebook account?

Yes, we recommend you always create a password, even if you normally use Facebook to log in. The password is your fail-safe for complete account protection.

How do remove movies/shows from my GoWatchIt queue?

On your queue first click "Edit List", then hover over the desired title you wish to remove and click "Remove." In list edit mode, you can also quickly add new titles to your queue and move titles around.

Movie/Show Watching & Database Issues

How do I watch movies/shows on GoWatchIt?

GoWatchIt is not a host of content; most importantly GoWatchIt is not a place where you can watch movies or shows for free. GoWatchIt is a source (or guide) for finding where a movie or show you want to watch is available to legally purchase or rent. Not only do we point you to all the major home video options (e.g., Amazon, iTunes, Hulu, etc.) for purchases or rentals, but we also list theatrical showtime information for movies in theaters and TV tune-in information, so you can see how to watch a currently airing TV show.

Why is there a discrepancy between what GoWatchIt displays as available and what is actually available on that provider’s site?

We do our best to provide the most up-to-date information. However, sometimes service providers change their availability information without informing us through their data feeds. We have a team of humans who check the feeds daily to make sure all information is reliable and accurate. If you feel like you found a discrepancy, please contact us at [email protected] to make us aware of it and so we can fix it as soon as possible.

Why can't I find [MOVIE/SHOW TITLE] on GoWatchIt?

Our data team adds movies and shows to our database daily, but there could still be a number of titles that we haven't indexed yet. If you are not finding the movie or show you are looking for, first make sure you are spelling the title correctly and avoid using special characters. If you are still having trouble, you can contact us at [email protected]. Please include the title of the movie or show, its release year, and any other information that could help us, such as a lead actor or director. We will do our best to add it as soon as possible.

I am a filmmaker, how can I get my movie listed on GoWatchIt?

We'd be happy to index your movie on GoWatchIt. Please contact us at [email protected] and a representative will get back to you right away with all the information you need to get your movie listed.

Apps and Tools

Can I use GoWatchIt on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can! Our website is fully responsive and optimized for the mobile web, and is the best way to experience GoWatchIt on your phone. We do have apps for iOS and Android, however these apps do not include TV.

What about GoWatchIt on my tablet?

We currently do not have dedicated apps for tablets, but our site is just as responsive on those devices as it is on the desktop or mobile phone.

I've seen GoWatchIt on other sites that I browse, what is that?

Not only is GoWatchIt a web and mobile application, but we’ve also developed tools for studios and media websites, allowing their movie and show coverage to be complimented with our availability information. These widgets and microsites use our API and are connected with our main-site, allowing you to login and set movie alerts directly from those assets. Partner media sites include: BuzzFeed, Decider.com, Letterboxd, and The New York Times Watching. Our technology is also used on a number of movie studio sites, official film sites, and Facebook pages. Our studio partners include: IFC Films, Sony Pictures Classics, STX Entertainment, The Orchard, and Warner Home Video. If you are a studio or media publisher and would like to know more about our technology, please contact us at [email protected].

How can I add GoWatchIt to my website or app?

We do not have an open API for personal, student or public consumption. We do offer an enterprise API that delivers home video availability information. Through additional sublicenses, which we can facilitate, the GoWatchIt API can be configured to deliver theatrical showtimes and ticketing information, film and television metadata, movie trailers — anything you need to build out a complete film and TV portal. Our backend analytics platform aggregates all transactions and click data, giving you a complete picture of consumer activity. If you own or manage a website, or app, and are interested in using our API, please fill out this form and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

Notifications and Emails

What are Alerts or Notifications?

Alerts or notifications are reminders that we email informing you that a movie or show you want to watch is now available to buy or rent. To receive alerts, simply add that movie or show to your queue.

How often will I receive my alerts

You can opt to receive alerts daily, weekly, per-title, or never. This can be set in your Profile page.

  • Daily: We will send you a digest of new availabilities for movies and shows in your queue, as soon as availability is added. Most often this would be Wednesdays (for physical and digital VOD releases) and Fridays (for theatrical and select "day-and-date" digital VOD releases).
  • Weekly: We will send you a weekly digest each Friday of all new availabilities for movies and shows in your queue.
  • Per-Title: We will send you notifications for each individual movie and show in your queue (Note: this means that instead of a daily digest, you will get one notification per title. This could mean that you will receive multiple emails from us at once.)
  • Never: You will never receive an email from us. Ever.

How can I set my notifications?

Go to your Profile. In the Services section, check off the services you'd like to be notified about. You can either select services individually, or select a whole category (e.g., Subscription, etc.) to select all services that are included in that category. It is our promise that you will only be alerted when a movie or show in your queue is available on a service you care about.

Can I determine for which services I'd like to receive notifications?

Yes. Your notifications are completely customizable from your Profile. For example, if you only want to know about theatrical releases of your queued movies, make sure that all other services are un-checked. Similarly, if you only care about Netflix Instant availabilities, make sure to only check Netflix in the "Subscription" section.

You are sending too many emails, what can I do?

You can adjust or cancel your emails and notifications at any time. You can either unsubscribe from the bottom of each email or go to your Profile and choose a setting that better meets your needs.

What about my privacy?

By opting to receive notifications, we will only email you with new movie/show availabilities. Your information will never be sold to any third-party resource for any reason. For further reference, please consult our Privacy Policy.